at the research pages of Tobias Kramer. I am a member of the distributed algorithm and supercomputing group at the Zuse-Institut Berlin and a guest researcher at the Department of Physics, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, supported by a Heisenberg fellowship of the German Research Foundation (DFG). My research in theoretical physics, chemistry, and astrophysics comprises:

  • excitonic energy transfer in photosynthetic complexes
  • transport in interacting many-body systems
  • coherent transport and scattering phenomena in mesoscopic systems
  • focussing of classical trajectory fields and inverse scattering problems, with applications to astrophysics (dust particle phase space around active cometary nuclei)

To address these computationally challenging problems I develop new algorithms and approaches. My programs often take advantage of massively parallel graphics processors (GPUs).

For calculating spectra of light-harvesting complexes, Christoph Kreisbeck and I published a ready-to-run GPU tool on nanohub.org.