Current fields of research include

  • optimal transport in interacting many-body systems, with applications to excitonic energy transfer in molecular complexes
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  • microscopic theory of the Hall effect: self-consistent solution of electric currents in semiconductor devices
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  • wave-packet methods applied to coherent charge and heat transport in mesoscopic devices
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  • classical trajectory fields and focussing effects in vicinity of cometary nuclei
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Methods used:

  • GPU computing: finding algorithms for computational physics on massively parallel processors and graphics processing units (GPU)
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  • theory of special functions to find analytic solutions for quantum-mechanical problems

Further interests:

  • analytic quantum mechanical Green’s functions in electric and magnetic fields, with applications to photodetachment, photoionization, and atomlasers from Bose condensed atoms
  • analytic solutions for explicitly time-dependent quantum-mechanical problems
  • semiclassical limit of quantum-mechanics
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